PA-1 Plastic Tube Packaging


  • PEI FOOD GRADE PLASTIC – Plastic tubes for cartridges
  • FITS ALL – Fits .5mL and 1mL cartridges
  • SILICONE STOPPER  – Rigid stopper keeps tube closed at all times
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This PEI Food-Grade plastic is hardy enough for any size cartridge and looks great in a display case. Sold in lots of 1000.

Type: Plastic tube (fits all size cartridges)
Size: 81mm x 41mm
Material: PEI food-grade plastic
*Glossy/matte sticker available for $0.05/cartridge

1000 @ $0.15/each
2000 @ $0.14/each
3000@ $0.13/each
4000 @ $0.12/each
5000 @ $0.11/each
*sold in lots of 1000

Additional information

Weight .02 lbs


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