Volume/Bulk Orders
If stock is available at one of our warehouse locations, your order ship by air cargo/freight to your location (usually same day). For larger bulk orders, we will ship by LTL freight. Delivery time varies from 3 – 5 days depending where you are located, and the size of the shipment.

OEM/Private Label
For OEM orders and out of stock products, the order lead time is approximately 3-4 weeks after the confirmation of your order. Then based on the size of the order, we will ship by air or LTL to your location. This will be an additional 3 – 5 business days depending on your location.


By Air (Door to Door)
If you need your products fast, shipping by air cargo/freight is the preferred method. The delivery time is about 3-7 business days.

By Ocean (Door to Door)
While it is the most economical way to ship, delivery time varies from 15 to 25 business days (3 – 4 weeks). The shipping cost is charged per cubic meter, depending on the season and the port you want it to arrive at. We recommend you use this
method of shipping when your order package is at least two cubic meters, and you do not need product urgently.

EX Works
“EX Works” means customers will take care of the delivery after the ordered products are available for shipment from our warehouses. Please indicate the valid courier account number before shipment, so we can inform the courier to collect the goods from our warehouses. Additionally, customers can also arrange couriers, forwarders, and shipping agents to come collect goods from our warehouse. If using Ex Works for shipment, Private Label Designs will not charge a shipping fee, however, if customers needs us to deliver goods to their courier, we will add the necessary transport fee onto the proforma invoice.